I am a multi-disciplinary artist based in Los Angeles.  I was raised in Los Angeles and Hawaii and I am 'hapa', that means half in Hawaiian.  I am half Japanese and half Mexican - the cultural harmony influences how I see life and what I create.

After a rewarding decade as an art historian at the Getty Museum studying and teaching art history and technique, I decided to actively participate in the art making process.  I followed my love for photography & painting by launching my own studio.

The goal at the studio is to create compelling imagery for our clients.  We enjoy the process of understanding then translating an idea into distinct visual narratives. The stylistic approach varies but everything is infused with a bit of analog artistic technique to imbue the beauty of the imperfect (wabi sabi)  which is something we find valuable in our growing digital culture.  

In addition to client driven work, I create a series of special edition prints for collectors.

All in all, creating images that have an emotive quality is my journey and joy.

Thank you for visiting x